Stupid, Yet Agile E​.​P.

by Blister Unit

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7 Track E.P. featuring our new 4-peice lineup.

Recorded in two days in the middle of the night in a bar. Cd's and Cassettes made DIY by us. Fuck tha police.

Special thanks to: Zoe, Jason, Mary, Kayleigh, Duffy, Justin, Windmill of Corpses, Silent Us, Shandi, April, Swill, Alex, Erika, Keaton, Carlos, and all the Prescott punks.

Many Bothans died to bring you this information...


released August 30, 2014

Mike: Guitar/Vox
Chris: Guitar/Vox
Adrian: Bass/Vox
Rani: Drums/Vox

Recorded and Engineered by Jason Rodgers/Widow-Maker Recording
Mastering and album art by Chris Stevens.



all rights reserved


Blister Unit Prescott, Arizona

Grind/Sludge/Crust from AZ.

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Track Name: Rockhorn
Onyx glimmers on the Rockhorn's breath.
Two hundred tons of solid granite.
Shaped by the sand. Nobody's hands.
Cut from the earth, grounded by dirt.
Stone goats, take back the night.
Arise, arise ancient ones.
Shake the ages from Southern horns.
Calcified strata, bones of the ocean, hot breath and wet stone.
Track Name: Snakehead
I'll be goddamned if my obituary reads
“Here lies an invasive species. He never swam upstream.”
And if I return home as a hero,
Will they fill my gills with flowers,
Or rub my belly with spices
And roast my soul upon a fire?
A faithful servant of evolution.
A patient insurgent.
Track Name: Goddamn It
There's a plague of frogs inside my skull,
stripping copper from the walls. God damn it.
Acetone in exhausted veins. Erosion has the final say.
Stripped, scatted and spayed. Fed to the snakes.
Dumped in the lake. Relieved of faith.
Craving sulfur instead of water – heart, skin, body, liver – god damn it.
The stink of earth is on my breath. Sucking air through a hole in my chest.
Track Name: TORDO
Sucking mud from the mouth of the delta.
Growing fat on the byproducts – non-essential nutrients, water corrosion.
Swollen with poison. Old as the ocean.
Internally salted – rusted to all hell.
Everybody's got their reasons to sit on the bottom, gathering moss.
Drink to the end. Carry the weight of a cirrhosis shell.
Track Name: Gas Giant
Faces glowing under hideous sunsets.
Broken hands holding on for dear life.
I'm not ashamed to admit I hope only one of us survives.
A force, a compulsion, like hunger or gravity.
This cloud of gas and dust ain't big enough for both of us.
There are storms underneath the surface that can kill for twenty years after.
This cloud of gas and dust ain't big enough for both of us.
Track Name: Suffocated by Hutts
Huff sand and Bantha crap.
A mass of sweat and fat.
Feel that spine snap.
Suffocated by Hutts.
Track Name: Sky Burial
Bound to the ground for fear of fire
Giver of alms, salt of the earth,
Averting their eyes for fear of the light
Feeder of birds, cells of the earth.
Sloughed off the surface,
Back inside the coil.
Bones broken against frozen soil.