Christ Ape

by Blister Unit

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Many thanks to:
Jace Meadows, Mike Cianciullo, Justin Ames, Kate Ames, David Rodgers,
Molly Scarpine, Hassan, Foreskin, Cybearg, Bloody Corpse Dismemberment,
Windmill of Corpses, Jesse and Feather/Turd of Hurdles, Hidinginsidevictims,
Swampwolf, Godhunter, Kuato and Quaid, Blighter,
the Jollota and Stevens families,
everyone at the Dip Haus/806/Fetus Emporium,
Dorian Rainwater, the Yavapai County Sheriffs Department,
every band we've played with in the past year,
anybody who helped us with shows and partied with us afterwards,
and anybody we might be forgetting - thank you all.

Special Thanks to: William Burroughs, Charlton Heston, Desmond Morris,
Hunter Thompson, Stanley Kubrick, Francisco Goya, Terry Gilliam,
Mastodon, Napalm Death, and Chuck Schuldiner, for giving us hope.


released February 23, 2013

Blister Unit is:
Michael Jollota [vocals/guitar/bass/noise/programming]
Christopher Stevens [guitars/bass/vocals/Shred/programming]

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Ames Recording Studios in Prescott, AZ

All songs written by Blister Unit, except Taung Child,
Which is co-written with Justin Ames

Live Drums on “Taung Child” by Justin Ames

Guest Vocals on “Our Gang” by Justin Ames

Guest Vocals on “Coconut Collider” By Cybearg

Gang Vocals By Jessie Williams, Ryan Carroll,
Chris Triantafillou, Ari Elena, Marcus Varner

Artwork by Innovade Design Studio



all rights reserved


Blister Unit Prescott, Arizona

Grind/Sludge/Crust from AZ.

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Track Name: Indigenous Nudity
In a house full of laughter and midnight sweats.
Austrolopithici tend to forget.
Drool on the pillowstone. Photographs yellowing.
The stink of knowing just how alone they'll be.
Poking holes in the narrative.
These are awful big prints to be leaving.
Young skulls with plenty of give.
Nothing but memories.
Track Name: Our Gang
This isn't about survival.
We took more than we needed.
Stay for dinner, watch us eat it.
The law of femur and fear, afterbirth,
And the flavor of tears.
A few more acres of fruit trees.
Boys will be boys.
The law of club and fang. this is the year of our gang.
Track Name: Thing Baby
Fattened by grubs, hairless and helpless.
Distended belly protruding from swamp grass.
The best gift a mother could ask for
To keep a thing-baby warm.
To stunt its growth, encase it in resin.
Safe from the world and decomposition.
Left to gestate. she always had an aversion to nesting.
Mummification. The hardest crime to justify.
One day you'll understand. I hope you never find me.
Track Name: Ossify
Set in our stagnant ways, flinging shit and filling graves.
A desert burning in these calves,
Leaking lactic and bleaching the sand.
Nothing will grow here except what we've made.
Nothing but graves.
Set up to fail. broke into place.
Set these bones in a mortar of meat.
Sucking the tits of gigantic dreams.
Nothing but graves
Track Name: Coconut Collider
Liquefy, demystify.
Place the skull atop the spine.
White light. black holes.
Systems ready to collide
Forcing divergences to align
The portal is open, we're in too deep.
The threads of time are weaving an image we can't unsee
Multidimensional interlopers walking on two legs like freaks
Colossal thrones of metal and glass perched on by idiot kings.
Convergent threads. Apparent themes.
This is for the good of the species.
Specialize. Occupy negative space and time.
White light. black holes.
Systems ready to collide.
Track Name: Taung Child
Track Name: Christ Ape
Home-schooled in treason, dead before baptism.
Drugs mark the seasons. Hope buried this village.
(no burials here).
Leave the bones exposed to the air.
A regal ruckus in Golgotha.
We deserved what we got.
Deserved all the cancer. deserved the dead crops.
There's a hell of a view from up here
And a whole lot of nothing.
(deep down, we knew this would happen.)
Track Name: Dragonfruit
Governed by witches, domesticated.
A terrible sense of guilt and entitlement.
A pound of flesh for services rendered.
Serve it warm and wet and tender.
Incestuous pieces of shit.
They sold us thickness and debt wrapped in a bundle of sticks.
We compromised our position
Helped them soak the ropes in oil
And suckle the bones of dead fish.
Did we bring this on ourselves
When we couldn't stop asking questions?
We stood in defiance of falsehoods and look where it got us.
Track Name: The Shouting Eye
Helpless, formless. I couldn't see the sky.
Burdened by gravity from where stars go to die.
Breathless, asthmatic. broke by the weight.
You should have seen the look on my face.
Everything was miles above me.
Surrounded by The Shouting Eye.
Painfully bright. Nothing but white.
Mouths full of light. they were carving bones into knives.
Stupid and blind. Smiling and high.
Track Name: Albatross
I don't know what happened.
One minute everything was fine, then everybody was dead.
I guess I must have survived. All the plants turned black.
The fruit is rotten and covered in flies.
All that's left to eat is bodies. Evolution has been denied.
Born at the end of a rope. Screaming disharmony.
Sucking blood from a bitten tongue
Leaves the whole mouth dry.
Hang the birds around my neck.
Track Name: Dreamgoat
Another midnight emission. Another dead hero.
Another cherished tradition,
Another child that should have stayed feral.
No sleep for the last of the line. No rest on borrowed time.
Smashed like a bug under a thumb. I still remember the sun.
Track Name: I Miss Mexico
Track Name: Tusks
Naked skin, guarded hope. A back room full of baby clothes.
We chose to be alone, hugging tusks and grasping bones.
Rolling in dust to get the stink off.
We lost our future with the last mammoth.
All good things must come to an end.
We left the trees in search of the sand.